The first thing that most likely should be determined is exactly what your intentions were when you typed in Equifax FCRA into your favorite engine. Is it that you want to learn more about Equifax, one of the three major credit reporting agencies in the country or did you want to learn more about FCRA? Which, by the way, stands for Fair Credit Reporting Act!

Another possibility could be that when you typed in Equifax FCRA is that maybe you have a problem with your credit report from Equifax and you want to know what your rights are under the FCRA act.

Now since we don’t know what your intentions are when you started your search and why you typed in Equifax FCRA, grab a cup of your favorite beverage and we’ll see if the information that is covered here can help you out.

Let’s deal first with Equifax. If you don’t already know, Equifax is one of the 3 largest credit reporting companies in the country. The other two being TransUnion and Experian. When you apply for loans or credit cards, there is a very good possibility that the lender will access your credit file that exists at Equifax in order to determine just how risky it is to loan you the amount that you are requesting or to determine by your credit history if you should receive a credit card.

Since that part of the Equifax FCRA search is covered, let’s take a quick look at the FCRA part.

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As stated above FCRA stands for Fair Credit Reporting Act. This federal law went into effect in 1970 and has seen numerous amendments since with even more proposed changes on the table. The heart of this act was to enact guidelines on who can access all that sensitive credit information that is stored on you in the major credit reporting companies.

Under this legislation you now have certain rights as a consumer should should a problem arise due to inaccurate information in your credit file. Before The FCRA went into effect, trying to resolve such problems was considered time consuming bordering on absolutely frustrating.

If you need to need to read the whole law to understand your rights even further, all you need to do is visit to read the law in its full form.

Now let’s move on to the last scenario we talked about above when Equifax FCRA is searched for. You may have incurred a problem with your credit such as being declined for additional credit and you think it was in error. If that’s the case you now have the ability to secure your credit report for free from Equifax simply by going to and following the provided instructions. You can view it online and print it out, you can request it by phone or you can request it by mail.

If you detect any information that is false or outdated you now have the ability to dispute it and if the information is proven wrong, have it removed from your credit file. This procedure is also clearly defined at

Hopefully this brief article regarding your search about Equifax FCRA has been helpful. You now have further resources that you can follow with confidence.

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