Evidently you must have a need to get a free FICO score or you wouldn’t be here seeking information. And the answer to the question above is both yes and no. Sorry for the confusion but that will be explained here in just a little bit. First, maybe just knowing what your FICO score is can help you determine just how credit worthy you are and if you need to take steps to start repairing or rebuilding your credit in order to raise your score. And by getting a free FICO score, you would be armed with the knowledge in order to proceed.

But why is FICO so important?

The FICO score is one of the largest deciding factors that is used to determine your mortgage rates, if you qualify, credit card terms and the interest percentages that you will end up paying on a car loan. To date, over 90% of the countries largest banks use your score to make lending decisions.

And in case you didn’t know, on the average, a 100 point swing in your FICO score can mean a savings of thousands of dollars on a 30 year mortgage. Read that again, thousands. So with that said, let’s delve into the facts about getting your free FICO score shall we?

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Just so we don’t beat around the bush, the truth is that in all reality there really is no such thing as a free FICO score right off the bat. You do have to do some maneuvering in order to get yours.

“How do I go about that?”

Before you even attempt to get your free FICO score, you need to know that in order to do this on the many sites that have an offer such as this, you’ll be joining a monthly membership for either credit report or credit score monitoring. And as such, you’ll also be required to surrender your social security number for identification purposes and your credit card information for billing purposes. Now if you’re comfortable with that, then go ahead and give them the information. No matter where you do get your FICO score, you’ll have to do it anyway. So let’s move on,

Once you are enrolled in the monitoring service, you are granted a free trial period which usually is 7 days. If you cancel before the end of the trail period, you won’t be billed any further. In theory. But you do run the risk of getting charged and having to take a few extra steps. Granted, that can be a bit frustrating but it can happen. So now you have your free FICO score and hopefully not the aggravation that might occur when you use this method.

Now if you want to avoid all this and put the idea of getting your free FICO score aside, then just do it by contacting any of the three major credit reporting companies directly. Yes, you will pay for that, a one time fee. But you’ll also avoid any hassles with credit billing or having to fight with any company that wants to keep on a monthly charge. Just seems like a more common sense approach, don’t you think?

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