Many will have you believe that you can get your credit scores for free. But like with many things in life, there usually is a catch. So let’s take a look at a few of the ways that have led you to believe that you can really get your credit scores for free.

Every single day, you most likely are exposed to advertising that entices you to either get a free credit report or get an up to the minute credit score. And evidently, these companies must be succeeding in their marketing efforts or the advertising would stop. But lets take a look at what happens when you try and get credit scores for free.

Just one minute though. In order to be sure that you understand a bit more on what happens when you try to secure your credit scores for free, you need to no that you can order your credit scores directly from any of the three credit reporting companies, Equifax, TransUnion and Experian by contacting each company directly. The costs will usually range anywhere from $12 to $15. You can obtain the phone numbers of each of the credit reporting agencies just by going online and visiting And no, this is NOT any type of sales site.

Now, let’s get back to providing you the insight on getting your credit scores for free. Here is the reality of the situation. In order to get your score for free, you need to sign up through one of the many websites that are operated by or affiliated with the credit reporting agencies.

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When you do sign up for any of the offers that promise you your credit scores for free, you are automatically enrolled in a monthly credit monitoring service. The initial cost when you sign up for almost all the programs is usually just a $1.00. And in reality, it’s marketing genius at its finest. After all, who can resist getting important credit information for only a buck! Right?

But here is the kicker. When you do sign up, you are automatically enrolled in the monitoring program. Although you do have the option of canceling within a certain time frame, the majority of people do not. Why? For one, most have a tendency to order and forget. Others become engrossed in their credit information and feel that the monthly charges are worth it.

For some, it may be worth it. For others who have maintained their good credit by adhering to common sense practices, the money would be just a frivolous expense. So you need to sit down and evaluate if an additional expense is worth having access to your credit reports and your credit scores at any given moment.

Hopefully this clears up everything that you might hear about getting your credit scores for free. Sure it can be done if you want to play the buy and cancel game. But that at times can also lead to frustration. Just remember that if do order your credit scores and reports that you are surrendering your credit card information for the billing purposes. In conclusion, travel at your own risk on this one.

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