You do know that you can a free credit report annually from all three of the major credit reporting companies. Right? You didn’t? Ok, then let’s briefly touch base on how to go about that first and then we can move on. You can get your credit reports for free just by going to and following the simple instructions. No hassles and it’s quick and easy. You choose how you want to access them and you’re on your way to getting a free credit report annually.

The main thing that will be covered here is why you should get into the habit of doing this. Remember, this is the information that is vital to your credit scores. And you well know that the better credit score that you have, the easier it is to get credit and get it for a lower interest rate. Having a good to excellent credit score can literally save you thousands of dollars over the course of long term loans. You know, like your mortgage!

So this is why you need your free credit report annually! You have to check your report for accuracy because needless to say, mistakes happen and if you aren’t aware of them, it can cost you.

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Here are just a few of the typical scenarios that result in the wrong information that might end up in your credit report.

  • You or someone else applies for credit and names are similar – It happens. Here is an example – Bill Smith instead of William Smith.
  • A human made a clerical error was made when entering personal data such as name, address and so forth from a hand written application.
  • This can also happen with your Social Security number – again, human error that happens.
  • Your payment for a loan or credit card was inadvertently applied to the wrong account – oops. Human error once again!

Starting to get the picture that mistakes can happen? And most of the time the mistakes that can show up in your free credit report annually is due from simple human errors.

This is exactly why you need to be vigilant with your credit and get into the habit of checking this information.

Oh wait, here is another scenario that wasn’t mentioned above. All your credit accounts may not be getting reported into your free credit report annually! Did you know that maybe some of your gas cards, department stores and even all purpose bank cards may not be in your credit report? And what if your payment history is excellent? Think that might affect your credit score? You bet it would.

If you aren’t into a habit of getting your free credit report annually, you need to. And since you are entitled to this by law, there really shouldn’t be any reason you aren’t taking advantage of it. You don’t have to get all 3 reports at once. You can space it out over the course of a year and establish your own credit monitoring program. Sounds like a pretty good idea doesn’t it?

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