So what really happens when you type in Well, let’s take a look. You land on a very nice looking website that offers you the ability to get your credit report and as an added bonus also receive your credit score. This is all well and good but let’s take a look behind the curtain and really see what’s happening.

The first thing you probably want to know about is if the website is legitimate or just another scam in the world of free credit reports. And the answer to that is that it is very legitimate indeed. So now you can at least rest easy in that regard.

This website is one of many online consumer credit reporting sites that belong to a company called, Inc., which is an Experian company. And even though you already know it, Experian is one of the three major credit reporting companies in the country. It’s also nice to know that ConsumerInfo has been around since 1995 and has focused on being able to provide consumers with quick and easy access to their credit histories. The company has now grown to become one of the leading providers of online credit scores, credit reports and various credit monitoring products. To understand just how big this company is, it boasts a membership of over 3 million and has delivered over 20 million credit reports on the World Wide Web.

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So once again, is the real deal.

OK, back to the site and let’s take a look around.

The major focus here naturally is to get you sign up to get your free credit report from Experian and along with that you get your credit score. If you decide to do that here at you also need to know that you will be getting a free trial of a credit monitoring program called Triple Advantage. Whether or not you decide to keep the program is entirely up to you.

If you do, you get a comprehensive program that will monitor your credit reports from all three of the credit reporting agencies for roughly the cost of two medium pizzas from your favorite pizza joint. If after reviewing your credit reports and receiving your credit reports you decide that the program is not for you, you may cancel anytime with seven days and you won’t be billed any further. Fair enough?

But before you do, think about the advantages of having a credit monitoring from For one, especially if you are rebuilding your credit, it’s nice to be able to see that your information is being updated like it should be. Another advantage of monitoring is since all 3 or your credit reports are monitored, you’ll always be alerted to unusual activity. Things like companies making inquiries or accounts trying to be opened which are sure signs of possible fraud.

Now this isn’t intended to sway you one way or the other for what offers. The program does have its merits. It just up to you to decide whether or not it fits for your particular situation!

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