Let’s first explain what Triple Advantage is. This is a credit monitoring program that is offered by Experian that gives you the ability to personally monitor your Experian credit report. In case you don’t know who Experian is, they are one of the 3 major credit reporting companies in the country. The other 2 being Equifax and TransUnion. The program will also monitor your other 2 reports but you do not have continued access to these.

So let’s take a closer look at how this might be beneficial to you.

It is no secret that it just makes for good common sense to check your credit reports on a regular basis. And by doing this activity, you can detect suspicious activity or misinformation that has been placed in your credit and react faster to minimize any damage that might affect your overall credit score.

Here is what Triple Advantage does.

It monitors your 3 credit reports on a daily basis. If the program detects any key changes such as new applications for loans or credit cards, to any one of your credit reports, you are notified by email. And if any of this activity is fraudulent, you now are alerted and you have the ability to react quickly. That in itself is a key feature of credit monitoring.

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Another aspect of Triple Advantage, is that as long as you stay a member of the program you will have access to your credit score from Experian so that you can determine exactly what kind of credit risk level that you are in. And as you know, this can help you determine your eligibility before even applying.

Triple Advantage also monitors your credit score and when it detects movement either up or down, you also will be notified by email. This can be helpful especially if you have undertaken a process to raise your credit score by making sure your bills get paid on time and your effort in bringing down your credit card balances.

You also will receive a monthly statement from Triple Advantage that includes your credit score, alerts digest and a summary of the key financial information that lenders may use to rate you.

In the event that you do need to dispute information in your Experian credit report, you have the ability to do so online as long as you are a member of the credit monitoring program. This differs from the standard means of writing and submitting evidence to a credit reporting company in order for an investigation to even begin. That in itself can be a time consuming task that usually ends up in a lot of frustration.

Another feature of Triple Advantage is that you are provided what is called the $50,000 Triple Advantage Guarantee which gives you access to Experians fraud resolution specialists any time of the day or night in case your identity is ever hijacked.

If you are asking yourself if Triple Advantage is worth it, you have to look at how crucial monitoring your credit reports are to you. If a major purchase looms in your near future, it might well be worth it. If not, then the monthly money that you will spend could be used elsewhere, like maybe paying a bill even faster!

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