The wonderful thing about today’s search engines is that even if you make a mistake and type in freecreditreport, they actually will give you some pretty accurate results on getting your credit report. In fact, after typing freecreditreport in Google, you’ll see that the only authorized site to get your report on the Internet is the very first search result. And just so you know, you don’t have to go any further than

Ever since the Fair and Accurate Credit Transaction Act was signed into law in 2003 giving consumers the right to obtain their credit reports annually, this site is really the only true site to get it for free.

Once you get your freecreditreport and by the way, you can get one from each of the three main credit reporting agencies, Equifax, Experian and Transunion, take some time and review each to make sure everything is being accurately reported. If it is, great, it it isn’t you do have the right to dispute that information. So let’s take a quick look at how you should go about that process.

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In order for any mistakes to get corrected in your credit report, you must contact both the credit reporting agency AND the organization that supplied the information. Under the Fair Credit Reporting Act, both bear the responsibility for correcting inaccurate information in your credit report. Now granted, you must also provide documentation to support the need for correction.

So here is how you proceed.

Step 1 – Fire up your word processor and first send a letter to the credit reporting agency. Always include copies of documents that will support your side of the story. Also include a copy of your freecreditreport with the item in question circled. One of the most important parts that you need to include in your letter is that you have to be very direct in requesting a deletion or correction. Once your written request is received, the credit reporting agency has 30 days from the date of your request to investigate. So be organized and send your letter with a return receipt requested from the post office. This verifies the date that your request was received.

Step 2 – You also need to write to the creditor or lender who provided the information. Just like above, include copies to support your side. And again, send your letter return receipt requested to establish a date for when the provider receives it. In order for any information to be changed on your freecreditreport, you need to be diligent and follow through. So again, keep track!

If you need any assistance with phone numbers to the credit reporting agencies, the website we talked about above has all the resources that you will need. The address to file written disputes with your creditor should be listed somewhere on your statement.

Hopefully when you get your freecreditreport you won’t have to go through any of this. But just in case you do, you now have the knowledge to do it yourself.

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